We advise organisations in the Health and Education sectors in the following ways:

Group Supervisions
where the focus is on the professional.

Within the framework of the health or school group, both the subjectivity of the patients or students and that of the professionals are addressed: their dissatisfaction with both the user and the institution; their anxiety, fears, fatigue and what they are doing to care for them.

The closer one is to the subjectivity that entails pain, suffering, maladjustment or school failure, the more the tension with which one works becomes acute, which can lead to increasing difficulty in sustaining the practice of the professional.

Institutional advice
where the focus of attention is the organisation.

We investigate the organisational cultures of public institutions, hospitals, health centres, schools, institutes, universities etc. and after being analysed, we present findings about support opportunities.

The focus is as much on the links between professionals and their roles as on the work of the organisation and the environment in which it operates. Ultimately, it is about accompanying the organisation through change and on issues such as Leadership, Authority and Delegation.

Our services include: organisational consulting, individual, team and leadership development, specific interventions in Action Learning, Organisational Design for Change, training programs for organisational change facilitators.