DL_Possible responses from users in the Mental Health system 8/9

DSM bureaucracy, with its statistics on what is right and what is wrong, also has another use, which is the use that labeling can do with it. Not the same a Psychotic in the twentieth century that a bipolar, autistic or hyperactive in the XXI century.

In the US, autism claim back to being a pathology that allows access services and state aid. And not only that there is also a whole literature of testimony claim this label but also claim a distance from the category of psychosis.

It is not, as those responsible for the DSM believe that the movements "off - label" statistical artifacts stop. Political issues involved. Ian Hacking to explain these responses uses the "looping effect" which is like, from the time a label is named, the subject appropriates it and claim back. Not only, therefore changing the criteria for inclusion and changing the statistics as inflationary bubbles deflate.