BOOKS_Against Democracy by Agustín García-Calvo

In a corner of my bookshelf I found a book that a friend, editor of Virus, gave me 20 years ago. Contra la paz, contra la democracia, two talks given by Agustín García-Calvo in Barcelona in 1991 and 1992. It is a forceful and lucid text, very precise in its positions and with that capacity for transmission that characterises its author. For Agustín, to speak is to do, and in this way he delves into the analysis of the assembly of capitalism through the use of language, a subject he is passionate about. In the first, he talks about ... Read more


BOOKS_Book review: "The Object of the Century" by Gérard Wacjman Amorrortu editors

"The Object of the Century" - a psychoanalytic piece of great value - offers its readers an exciting adventure. Written in a fresh, lively style, with a passion that is impossible to hide, the author begins by challenging the readers to not only think about art, but how it interacts, dialogues and it interprets our century. Its plot unfolds from short but not simple questions that allow for a constant back and forth: from the concept of art to its ruptures, from the idea of object to the supposed subject of knowledge, from seeing to looking, from veil to ... Read more