FILM_REVIEWS_GXRL, the girl who matters.

A friend recommended the film "Girl" to me; you'll like it, he added... I started watching it without knowing what it was about and I couldn't take my eyes off the screen at any moment; it trapped me from the moment I understood the inner conflict suffered by a young teenager enclosed in a male body she doesn't recognise and who, therefore, she feels trapped at an age when the only thing you want is to escape and fly. Interesting direction, as well as brave and risky, shown by the new director Lucas Dhont, with great sensitivity in conveying emotions. ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS_The Wife or silenced feminity

The Wife is about the life of a married couple of writers in which she, for love, gives up her independent life as a writer to devote herself to housework, looking after their child and helping her husband to improve his writing. However, her desire to write is so great that she ends up being his ''nigger'' in the shadows, improving the drafts of his books in such a way that he becomes a world-famous writer ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS_Pacifiction by Albert Serra

Albert Serra has done it again: Pacifiction, his latest film, is once again surprising and masterful. When one thought that only from silence, enigma or the darkness of enjoyment poetic forms could emerge, he presents us with a colourful lost paradise, where everything is in sight: coconut trees, marines, admirals and government officials coexist with aborigines devoted to anything resembling tourism. And again, the poem emerges.  ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS_A non-critique for a non-documentary: "història potencial de Francesc Tosquelles, Catalunya i la por" by Mireia Sallarès

Yesterday there were quite a few of us at the CCCB for the screening of "Història potencial de Francesc Tosquelles, Catalunya i la por" directed by Mireia Sallarès and Joana Masó as co-screenwriter. Mireia is a post-conceptual artist, Joana a philologist and writer of a beautiful book "Tosquelles, curar les institucions” that revolves around the psychiatrist's legacy ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS_The Triumph Of Emmanuel Courcol

The triumph, Emmanuel Courcol's fabulous film, evokes the topology of ancient kaleidoscopes. At each of its twists and turns, the scene is woven in layers, and behind the curtain, in the moment before it disappears, it performs a sublime act. The tripod of film, theatre and real events delights the plot. ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS_Boiling Point by Philip Barantini

Philip Barantini's Boiling Point is a simple, elegant, time-bound film - it all takes place in a few hours - that manages to achieve a form of the essence of capitalism. In a way, Boiling Point places at its heart the reflection: "what have we come to as a civilisation", evoking an evident nostalgia for the father. ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS_Maixabel and historical memory

The recently released Maixabel by icíar bollaín, with masterful performances by Blanca Portillo and Luis Tosar, produces a catharsis worthy of those that greek tragedies must have provoked in their day. The film stages a real knot: it takes us into human suffering, questioning our ethical position. ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS__Arab blues (or the liberated word)

Manele Labidi's debut feature tells us the story of a young psychoanalyst trained in Paris, who decides to return to Tunisia, her country of origin, just after the social and political revolution of the “Arab Spring” takes place. Her uncles leave her a flat on the roof of a building in the Ezzahra neighborhood. There, she begins to receive patients. From Paris she brings a photograph of Freud with a fez and hangs it on a wall in her new office, possibly to remind her of how to practice in a country emerging from a totalitarian regime ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS_My brother Juan

My brother Juan is a short film from 2019. It is a very short film: ten minutes including the credits. The Granada sisters Cristina and Maria José Martín wrote the screenplay and directed it. It is their first fiction film. Until this short film, their career had focused on music documentaries. It is no coincidence that the main character is played by the actress and singer Leonor Watling and that Dani Martín and Coque Malla collaborate in this short film that is able to portray so many things in such a short time ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS_"Knives Out" (or the decline of the patriarchal family)

Rian Jonhson, in his typical manner of redefining cinematographic rules, returns to surprise us with his latest film Knives Out, following the same unconventional style as his films “Brick” (2005), “Looper” (2012) and “The Last Jedi” (2017) ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS_This is not a film by Jafar Panahi

"This is not a film", in pure magrittean style, brilliantly reveals the spring of creation. This iranian non-film looks at us and shows us how fiction, far from being opposed to truth, is its means of revelation. Jafar Panahi is awaiting the review of a monstrous sentence. He has been sentenced to 6 years in prison and 20 years disqualification from making films, precisely because he is a filmmaker. Confined to his house, and in order not to die of anguish - to wait is to die in life - he decides to go on, to escape. He calls his ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS_Inaugural session of the BCFB'S cycle of Literature and psychoanalysis: Sade And Liberté, with Albert Serra

It is a very special pleasure to have Albert Serra for this inaugural session of the Literature and Psychoanalysis cycle on eroticism, organised by the BCFB in collaboration with the Jaume Fuster Library. If psychoanalysis is particularly concerned with anything, it is sexuality. The appearance of psychoanalysis was a revolution, insofar as the invention of the unconscious was based on the discovery that the repression of certain sexual desires created symptoms. Freud then set about creating a method to decrypt them, with the idea that this would make them disappear. In this way, he put psychoanalysis into the world: a ... Read more


THEATRE_Interview with Pablo Macho, founding partner of Teatro Laura alongside Ivet Zamora

On April 16, 2016, the Laura Company premiered “La Trinxera” at the Lluís de Gràcia theatre. The Laura Company was one of three young and emerging companies chosen from amongst fifty to showcase their work following a theatrical residency ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS_À ciel ouvert

À ciel ouvert is Mariana Otero's latest documentary. It had released in France in 2013 and arrived our cinemas in October 2014. The viewing of the documentary does not leave you indifferent, it removes consciences and resonates in your most intimate self. ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS_About Llewyn David by Coen Brothers

The latest film by the Coen brothers is wonderful; its strange power emanates an influence that lasts and that is difficult to escape. The power of music, territory where some human beings are hopelessly trapped, contributes substantially to do so, but not only ... Read more


FILM_REVIEWS_"Others Voices" by Iván Ruiz

At midnight on Wednesday 4 April, just before the rain began, the sidewalks of Torrijos Street, which houses the Verdi cinema in Barcelona, ​​were witness to the widespread joy shown by those who had just left the premiere of “Unes Altres Veus/Other Voices”, the documentary by our colleague Iván Ruíz Acero. A sense of joy that was not in a hurry to be hidden, content to be shared, each of us in our own way. Because the materialization of the idea and work present in the happy collaboration between Teidees and TEAdir, an audio-visual producer and an association of ... Read more


FILMS_REVIEWS_ME & YOU by Bernardo Bertolucci

Me & You, a film by the consecrated director Bernardo Bertolucci (2013), is like one of those tiny seeds that leaves an aroma that lingers in the mouth and can be tasted for days. Because what I think that this film manages to do is not solely achieved by cinematic technique, it’s much more than just that, given that at the end, everything dissolves into something fragile, which in turn shows the filth of the world, the radical solitude into which bodies are torn, filthy and trapped within a feeling that is bigger than themselves, illuminating the power of ... Read more