THEATRE_What do we talk about while we don't talk about all this shit? La calòrica - Teatre Nacional de Catalunya

The curtain rises: on stage, a transparent plastic lectern, for giving speeches, and a sober toilet bowl: white, without a lid. Two apparently unconnected, ugly objects, devoid of any interest... and lo and behold, in the course of an hour and a half, La Calòrica, will show the inexorable connection between the two. After watching this sublime work of art, you will no longer be able to ignore the mysteries it reveals. ... Read more


THEATRE_Natale in casa de cupiello by Eduardo de Filippo

"My comedies are always tragic, they even make you laugh". Eduardo De Filippo If you want to see a serious play about family, go and see Natale in casa de Cupiello; a classic by Eduardo De Filippo masterfully staged by Oriol Broggi. I'm serious, and that's why you're going to laugh out loud from the first minute until the final scene, the climax of which redefines everything that has been happening on stage. ... Read more


THEATRE_Questi fantasmi by Eduardo de Filippo: love and ghosts

In these summer days and until 25 July you can see, at the Biblioteca de Catalunya, the play "Questi Fantasmi" by Eduardo de Filippo, masterfully staged by the company directed by Oriol Broggi. Here are a few lines from my encounter with it. The central hall of a haunted house will serve as the stage for this amusing and endearing story to take us, through comedy, into something that borders on and interweaves the very nature of love; to speak to us of the always impossible encounter between man and woman. A true ghost story. ... Read more


King Lear: the love of a father in the intricacies of the truth

Passionate staging of a sublime Shakespeare play. A play in one piece: compact, structured, robust, precise. It opens to unfold, without haste, but with a progressive acceleration of the rhythm, a repertoire of known feelings, of internal contradictions, of earthly passions. A tribute to the Father if ever there was one. He who is who he is and under whose reign and scepter everything was, apparently, prosperity. But one day the king, feeling old, grumpy and haughty, decides to divide his kingdom among his daughters by the yardstick of love. A love of which he knows nothing, for the ... Read more