Speech Therapy

Speech therapy aims to evaluate and re-educate the following communication-related disorders:

Oral and written language disorders

Language difficulties associated with the autistic spectrum

Developmental disorders such as language acquisition delays, specific language disorders (TEL), dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dysorthography.

Attention disorder (ADHD).

Speech disorders

Articulation disorders.

Phonological disorders.

Lack of fluency.

Voice disorders.

Oral function disorders

Atypical swallowing

Oral breathing.

Speech therapy is suitable for people of any age, who have any of the following signs:

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  • In children with academic difficulties

  • Have trouble understanding what they are told

  • Do not pronounce some sounds or add others when expressing themselves

  • Say that they are listening well but do not identify some sounds

  • Breathe with an open mouth

  • Stutter or present changes in the voice

  • Run out of breath when speaking

  • Are not able to follow simple linguistic keywords

  • Lose concentration easily

  • Have difficulties reading or writing

  • Isolate themselves and speak little

  • Etc.